Peel. Post. Pretty!

Uh oh.  I'm almost 60 and I have to write everything down or it's in one ear and out the other!  More often than not by the time I get downstairs I don't know why I'm there.  I still know who I am, though!  Whew!

Is there somewhere in your home or office that's covered with little yellow squares of paper?  

Break out of the ordinary and use several different beautiful styles of Die Cut Sticky Post It Notes to post your memos in style!

We have 3 styles of Christmas Holiday Post It Notes, and we've even designed Old Country Roses and Lady Carlyle Post It Notes and can Personalize them for you!

We offer our Roses and Teacups sticky notes pads in sets of 5 gift wrapped as favors.  Our other lovely post it pads may be purchased in any amount.

Please note that these are not from the actual "Post It Notes" brand.