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The Galleries Are Open! Dozens and Dozens of NEW Tea Cups and Teapots for You!

Charlotte Bloom 3 Cup Porcelain Teapot Charlotte Bloom Tea Cups and Saucers

Rose Bud Tea Cups and Saucers  Rose Bud 3 Cup Porcelain Teapot

We're pretty excited, and we think you will be, too!  We've added dozens and dozens of teapots and tea cups including the gorgeous Charlotte's Bloom and Rose Bud Sets above.

We've added so many tea cups and teapots that we thought it would be fun to display them in Galleries!  So check on the menu under Tea Time, and you'll find the Tea Cups Gallery and Teapots Gallery.  This is a chance to see ALL of the teapots and tea cups in one place!

You'll see that there's plenty of matching to do if you want to build your own set of teapot and tea cups.  Our USA Hand Decorated Teapots and Tea Cups can have any design on any piece!

Peony Square Porcelain Teapot  Peony Catherine Style Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer

Hummingbird Victorian Scroll Porcelain Teapot  Hummingbird Laurel Style Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer

October 22, 2017 by Nancy Guenther

New Goodies and Favorites Return to Roses and Teacups! Make a Stationery Kit!

Blue Floral Writing Pen Carol Wilson Open Roses Note Card Portfolio Tiny Tea Tote Bag

Do you like sending handwritten notes to encourage, thank, or just stay in touch?  Do you hate waiting in waiting rooms?  You need a stationery kit!  Always be ready to drop a line and fill the time when you take a Carol Wilson Stationery Portfolio, a Floral Pen, some Address Labels and stamps all tucked into a ziploc and in your bag.  You can even put your finished notes back in the portfolio to keep them clean and flat until you address them at home.

We have a marvelous collection of Floral and Scripture Pens for you to enjoy, and an equally lovely collection of Carol Wilson Note Cards!

A stationery kit in a pretty Tea Themed Tote Bag makes a lovely gift!

Lucinda Discount Teapot

All of our Discount Teapots are back in stock!  They coordinate beautifully with the matching Discount Tea Cups and are also lovely with solid colors or white.

Kimberly Shaw Fruit Tea Cup Greeting Card

We have a gorgeous new Kimberly Shaw Tea Card for you!  Yummy Raspberry Tea is tucked into the tea cup on the front of this blank card, and a tiny "Thank You" is on the front.

Butterflies Vintage Style Hanky  Rose Tussie Mussie Vintage Style Hanky

We are in LOVE with our new Vintage Style Hanky patterns!  Just look at our Rose Tussie Mussie and Butterfies!  Check out the whole collection, because there are additional new hanky styles!

Angel White Tea Cup Favor  Millicent Tea Cup Favor

We have several new Tea Cup Favors waiting for you!  Our Angel White tea cup favor features your choice of gold or stainless steel angel handle spoon, and our Millicent tea cup favor offers you a choice of 10 tea spoons!

October 19, 2017 by Nancy Guenther

Have You Been Missing Lucinda? PLUS: It's a Gift, It's a Card, It's BOTH!

Lucinda Bulk Discount Tea Cup

We know you've missed Lucinda!  It's one of our most popular patterns at one of our lowest prices!  If you need bulk tea cups for an event, enjoy the elegant look and discount price of Lucinda and our other 25 patterns!

Hanky Card

Our Hankie Cards are perfect for so many occasions and will bring a smile to friends and family.  Hankies make the perfect dress for the pretty girl or lady on each card.  So cute!

Oh yes, indeed!  Shipping is still FREE for orders over $49.  (standard shipping; domestic only)  And for smaller orders, we are still offering a flat rate of only $3.95.  Stock up on favors, hostess gifts, Christmas cards and more!

Girls Porcelain Tea Set in Basket

We've got more children's tea sets than we can count!  They come in baskets and boxes, in doll size and child size, in porcelain and tin, and in every pattern imaginable!  You'll find them all by clicking "Girls" then "Girls' Tea Sets" in our menu!

Lilacs in a Tea Cup Compact Mirror

Nancy never goes anywhere without her teacups and lilacs Compact Mirror!  It is so beautiful!  But if it's not quite your thing, we have 16 other styles including Poppies, Butterflies, Roses and Zebra!  Check them out HERE!

Baby Boy Tea Cup Favor

Check out THE cutest Baby Shower Tea Favors!  Each tea cup favor has pink or blue baby feet ribbon accented with mini pink or blue pacifiers!  A color coordinating tea bag and bow and clear cello create such a sweet look for your table, and your guests will appreciate the lovely tea cup to take home!

Beaded Tea Cup Bracelet

Don't miss out on our one-of-a-kind and two-of-a-kind Beaded Tea Bracelets and Necklaces!  They are so pretty and make quite the conversation pieces!

October 18, 2017 by Nancy Guenther

Time to Order your Tea Cup and Teapot Christmas Holiday Cards!

Christmas Holiday Teapots Note Cards  Christmas Holiday Tea Cups Note Cards

Christmas Holiday Tea Cups Teapots Envelopes Christmas Holiday Teapots Address Labels

It's time to order your Christmas Cards!  We have an adorable Tea Cup and Teapot collection for you... cards, envelopes and address labels with matching festive holiday teacups and teapots.  

Christmas Holiday Tea Cups Teapots Bookmarks Christmas Holiday Tea Cups Teapots Coasters  Christmas Holiday Tea Cups and Teapots Stickers

And why stop there?  We also have matching Bookmarks, Coasters, and Stickers!

You won't find these items anywhere else!  We commissioned the artwork and then designed the products ourselves!  Enjoy!

October 17, 2017 by Nancy Guenther
Oh My Gosh!  Have You Seen the NEW Tea Party Tea Time Favor Bags?!

Oh My Gosh! Have You Seen the NEW Tea Party Tea Time Favor Bags?!

Tea Party Tea Time Favor Bags

Our NEW Tea Party Tea Time Favor Bags are so adorable!  Each gift wrapped cello bag contains a decorative tea bag, 2 decorated sugar cubes, a cinnamon stick and 2 honey sticks all tied with a colorful bow.  They come in sets of 6 for only $28.99.  

These are made right in the crafting corner of the Roses and Teacups Warehouse in Arkansas, USA.

And don't forget our tea spoon lace favor bags with colorful tea bag and shiny tea spoon!

All of these look gorgeous on the table and are sure to delight your guests.

October 03, 2017 by Nancy Guenther
Benefit Tea Parties for Young and Old  Do Some Good while You Sip and Munch!

Benefit Tea Parties for Young and Old Do Some Good while You Sip and Munch!

There are so many wonderful ways to turn a tea party into a chance to make the world a better place!  Be sure to decorate and set your table to match the theme!

Donation tea parties simply request that guests bring food for a food pantry or clothes for a clothing drive.

Shelter Help donation tea parties request that guests bring items for shelters such as toothbrushes, soaps, and combs.  Provide shoe boxes or ask guests to bring what they have available.  Boxes can be decorated with contact paper or artwork and packed with supplies.  Specific items and clothing donations needed can be found HERE!

Cheer up a nursing home tea parties provide art supplies such as markers, paper, envelopes and glitter so that guests can make cheerful cards to give out at a local nursing home.

Help a cause tea parties are another great idea!  Find a cause that you want to assist and ask them what they need.  Maybe it's banners to be made or envelopes to be stuffed.  Set up a work table and get to work before or after you eat.

New mom tea parties are like a baby shower, but are focused more on emotional support and inspiration for the mom to be or new mom.  Did you know that you can get stickers with Bible verses to put on diapers!  Inquire HERE!  Make pages for a booklet with thoughts, sayings, and anecdotes that helped you through those first few wild months of motherhood.

Soldier care package tea parties provide a way to send gift packs to those serving their country in far away places.  Provide a list of what is appreciated and approved and have your guests bring items to pack.  Notes of thanks can also be made to tuck inside!

Soldier blanket tea parties provide a way to decorate and make easy non-sew blankets for soldiers.  Find information on Soldier Blankets here!

Help the Homeless!  Similar to shelter and soldier boxes, shoe boxes of practical gifts for the homeless are a wonderful and creative way to put smiles on faces.  Socks, gloves, band aids, deodorant, gift cards, combs, toothbrushes....  find more ideas HERE!

Help a neighbor(s) by mending tea parties.  Think practical!  Collect clothing that needs mending from a new mom or a sick friend.  Have a mending party!  Can you imagine if someone took that depressing clothing pile from you and returned it with all the mending complete??

We're sure you'll start thinking of many more ideas once you've read ours... will you send them to us for our next blog?  We'd love it!  Spread the love!

September 24, 2017 by Nancy Guenther

20 Ways to Wear Your Scarves

Florence Pink Lace Scarf

Nancy is preparing for a trip to Paris!  Yes, really!  Did you know that scarves are all the rage in France and are worn pretty much daily to add color and flair to the more neutral tones of the typical Parisian ensemble.

While planning a way to take only a carry on and a small bag even for a 16 day trip, I decided to plan my outfits carefully with mix and match neutral items and several scarves to change things up.

If you love scarves, you'll love this amazing video on ways to wear them!  You'll be able to use these with our florence scarf and even our gorgeous peacock shawls!

20 ways to tie a scarf:



September 10, 2017 by Nancy Guenther
Pink Rose Porcelain Girls Kids Children Teaset

Gifts For Friends - Gifts For You - Gifts For Birthday - Gifts For Bride

Gifts galore!  RosesAndTeacups.com is all about gifting. Customers come to Roses And Teacups for our lovely variety of teacups, favors, stationery and more but one of our favorite reasons customer shop with us is gifting. Our customers love to purchase Birthday Gifts! 

Birthday Cake Hankie Card  - Roses And Teacups    Carol Wilson Stationery Teacup Cake Birthday Greeting Card - Roses And Teacups Kimberly Shaw Blue Willow Birthday Tea Card - Roses And Teacups

One way to make somone feel great on their special day is to send them a card, but not just any card will do. One adorable gift idea for a birthday greeting would be our Hankie Dress Greeting Cards that include an adorable card with a real hankie fashioned into a lovely dress.  Each card comes with a its own envelope for mailing. Another fan favorite is our Carol Wilson Greeting Cards that are die cut, embossed and decorated in just the right amount of glitter for that perfect Happy Birthday wish! Our Kimberly Shaw Teacup Greeting Cards are not only a great way to put a smile on their faces but this lovely card includes tea!  Just imagine your loved one receiving her card and then sitting with her yummy cup of tea reflecting on fond memories.  We love the idea that these cards can be used in more than one way to spark a little happiness. 

Want a gift that is boxed and ready to give?  RosesAndTeacups.com has the perfect gift for that!  Our Gift Boxed Mugs and Gift Boxed Teacups are a customer favorite for the Christmas Holiday along with Bridal Parties, Employee Appreciation, Birthdays and more. Our porcelain gift boxed mugs and teacups are ready to give with a matching box and lid that already has a satin bow for a lovely presentation. Available as well are our Matching Gift Boxed Teapots to complete the set. 

 Gift Boxed Porcelain Mug with Tassel - Tulip - Roses And Teacups  Gift Boxed Tea Cup (Teacup) & Saucer - Lavender - Roses And Teacups

We love hearing how many smiles have been made over the years when R&T gift boxed items are received. That's what gift giving is all about as it's not just giving an item but giving something beautiful in order to give that person a bit of happiness. We have heard from our customers that the gift boxes are so loved and thought to be so pretty that they are kept in bedrooms and bathrooms as decorative storage while the mug or teacup is enjoyed daily. So neat! Julie (Co-owner shown below) loves giving the gift boxed mugs to her children's teachers as a Thank You gift for all of their hard work.

Julie Co-Owner of Roses And Teacups  Carol Wilson Carol's Rose Garden Lilacs and Butterflies Thank You Cards - Roses And Teacups

We love the thought of a child opening her first tea set and all the memories associated with little girls tea parties! So that leads us to our Childrens or Little Girls Teasets in which we have a large of variety of styles and patterns to select from. When we are packing orders up to ship out we can tell a lot of the times by looking at the bill to and ship to address that the package is most likely shipping as a gift.  Just thinking of the smiles and the fun to be had is heart warming and makes our days brighter as we pack order and send them on their way.  Grandmothers having tea with their granddaughters and moms with their daughters making memories that last a lifetime are things to cherish.  We like to imagine little Teddy Bears joining in on the fun of having a tea party. :) Yeah we really do think of the happiness these items bring as we go about our days which is one of the great joys of working at Roses And Teacups.

 Children 18pc Tin Tea Set for 4 Girls - Mint - Roses And Teacups  Childrens Porcelain Tea Set in Rounded Wicker Style Basket - Butterfly - Roses And Teacups  Faith Victorian Teddy Bear - Roses And Teacups

There are so many more items that are given to brighten someone's day that our customers are sending but if we listed them all this post would not fit on the blog! :)  We are proud to be a part of the process to provide those moments in which a person's day has just been made brighter by the kind act of giving.  We just don't pull the items from the shelves and ship but are aware that our items are indeed as our slogan says, "A Pathway To Beautiful Moments."

Roses And Teacups

August 30, 2017 by Julie Wilson
Decorated Sugar Cubes

Tea Party Supplies at Roses and Teacups

Tea Party Supplies from Roses and Teacups

It’s time for a tea party!  Where do you begin?  You’ll need tea party supplies such as invitations, place cards, napkins and napkin rings, teacups and teapots, favors and treats – so much to think about.

At Roses and Teacups, we are ready to assist you with all of your tea party supplies needs!

Teapot Favor Tags with Personalized Stickers

From our pretty papers to our favorite favors, we can give you a head start on making your tea party exceptionally lovely and lots of fun for your guests.

Personalize your tea party invitations, favor tags, and place cards with our amazing selection of custom die cut papers and stickers.  Choose your colors for pop up tea pots on your place cards or bejeweled large or small teapot favor tags.  We hand craft these items for you when you order them, printing just what you want on the accompanying stickers.  We also offer customized teapot stickers that you can apply yourself to favors, invitations, or whatever you choose.  Be sure to ask if you need custom colors or popups.  We crafted purple shoes place cards in two tones for one event!

Footed Teapot in Ramble Rose Chintz Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer in Victorian Ramble Rose Chintz

Our tea cups, teapots, cream and sugar sets and cake plates can be matching or coordinated to elegant effect.  Use floral teapots and white cups, matching floral tea ware, or silver teapots and chintz teacups; the possibilities are endless!

Flavored Tea Spoons Box of Flavored Tea Spoons

How about favors that you can eat!  Some of our most popular items are our flavored tea spoons and decorated teapot and tea cup cookies.  All are individually wrapped and ready for your tea table.  For larger events, choose from our buckets of flavored tea spoons.  Smaller boxes of eight spoons are perfect for smaller events, and can be used as favors and hostess gifts by the box.

Tea Cup Favor Tea Spoon Styles

Another of our best sellers is our tea cup favors.  These full-sized tea cups come gift wrapped with tea bags and tea spoons chosen from our selection of over fifteen styles.  They are a wonderful remembrance of your event for all who attend.

Tea Bag Favors with Gold Rose SpoonsFloral Silver Cream and Sugar Set

We have a whole assortment of tea bag favors.  One of our most popular items is a set of tea bags in lacy favor bags with gold rose handled tea spoons.  So lovely and especially popular for bridal events.

Try our tea party gift bags ready filled with sweet tea themed gifts and tea.  They come decorated in an array of tea themed images.

Pedestal Cake Plates 

Create a serving table to remember with tea party supplies such as cake and cookie trays from our collections of pedestal, tiered and decorative serving items.  We offer bone china tidbit stands from England as well as porcelain and glass pedestal cake stands, compote dishes and cupcake plates.

If you need recipes and theme ideas for your tea party, be sure to check out our wonderful collection of tea books!  You’ll find all sorts of tips and treats to make yours a party your guests will remember.

Tea Hat Petits Fours

May we brag a little about our treats?  We offer taste tempting petit fours dripping with colorful icing and filled with mouth-watering pastes and preserves surrounded by moist cake.  Choose chocolates or pastels decorated with flowers and swirls to fit your mood.

Extra Fancy Tea Cup and Teapot Cookies

We also offer teacup and teapot cookies in a variety of colors.  These are shipped to you, bakery fresh, and are individually wrapped for freshness and presentation.  Choose a color to match your table, or go with a bouquet of pastels to brighten the room!

Tea Spoon and Tea Bag Favors

Sometimes it’s the little extras that people notice.  We offer teapot napkin rings and an amazing assortment of cotton napkins with tea themes.  We have teapot shaped tea bag caddies for used tea bags.  Even our tea spoons are available in gold, silver and stainless steel with handles such as roses, shells, teapots and angels. 

Childrens Tea Party Supplies

For children’s tea parties, you’ll find all tea party supplies from teapot plates and napkins to tea party table covers and tea themed favors such as paper fans and blowers.  We also carry sweet little tea party books which make wonderful gifts and favors for the younger guest.

Girls Tea Party Hat

Every tea party needs some elegance!  Our children’s dress up supplies and hats will fit the bill!  We have everything from gloves and jewels to purses, boas and fans.  We have little pink and purple tutus as well.  We even have special hats created just for the birthday girl or princess hostess!

Hostess Apron

When it comes time to serve, we have something special for YOU:  a fabulous variety of hostess aprons with ruffles and lace to add beauty while protecting your outfit.

Victorian Hat

Do you want to go all out and wear a Victorian hat?  Check out our hat pages to find the one that suits you!  Perhaps you can ask your guests to wear hats as well for old-time fun.

When it’s tea party time, you’ll find that Roses and Teacups can assist you with your tea party supplies from start to finish!

August 25, 2017 by Nancy Guenther
Victorian Ramble Rose Chintz Tea Cup and Saucer

Teacup Sales at Roses and Teacups!

When it comes down to it, it’s all about the tea cups!  At Roses and Teacups we offer many tea related items, but we get the most motion in our tea cup sales!

We offer a complete range of tea cups from bone china English and Australian to USA hand decorated to boxes and cartons at inexpensive bulk pricing.

You won’t find a larger selection of patterns anywhere!  Flowers, animals, birds and butterflies, single roses and flowing chintz are just some of the choices available.  And what is it about cats and cups of hot tea!  Both are so comforting.  Maybe that’s why cats are such a popular choice for our gift boxed, holiday, and novelty teacups.

Specialty tea cups such as our flower of the month and personalized teacups make wonderful gifts.  We even have cups that say grandmother, sister, mother and aunt!

You’ll get the lowest prices on sales of our bulk tea cups.  These are great for large events and for parties where each guest keeps her tea cup as a favor.  Although very affordable, these tea cups have the look of fine china and are sure to create a beautiful table.  Choose from over twenty styles!  We also offer boxes for your guests to safely carry their teacups home with them!  

If you have a favorite flower, or a floral theme for your tea party, you’ll be pleased with our many, many choices of flowers for your tea cups.  We basically facilitate designing your own cup!  Choose your tea cup style, then choose a flower for the custom look you want.  These cups are then hand decorated by a USA family business, and they look magnificent!  From pansies to roses, hydrangeas to magnolias, you’re sure to find just the right flower for your set of cups.

Tea Cups for holidays are another favorite.  We offer heart shaped teacups for sale on Valentine’s Day (favorited by Oprah Winfrey), pumpkin for fall, personalized for Mother’s Day, and several styles for winter and Christmas.  We even have snowmen cups for sale for hot chocolate!

Novelty cups are fun for something different.  We have Snow White and Alice in Wonderland teacups, Red Hat tea cups, and a cute assortment of other unique styles such as cats, dogs, butterflies and ladybugs.  Most of these have matching teapots available and come in sweet gift boxes.

For gift giving, we sell tea cups with matching gift boxes.  These are so lovely, and most patterns are also available as small teapots, as mugs, and as tea for one sets, also in matching gift boxes.  The patterns cover the boxes from top to bottom making the boxes gifts in themselves, perfect for storing small items in an attractive way.  Tea for one sets are tea cups and teapots all in one.  They are ingenious!

Do you like carrying your own special tea cup when you attend a tea party?  We have teacup carriers for sale that are sewn with care in the USA by Nannette Stewart Originals.  They include little pads to go between cup and saucer, as well as napkins and pockets for tea bags.  You can use them as purses as well; they are extremely elegant!

And if you like taking your special brands of tea wherever you go, be sure to get one of our amazing tea wallets.  They hold tea bags and sweeteners and fold up snug for your purse.  They come in such adorable patterns and make fantastic gifts.

Keep your cup of tea piping hot with our tea cup covers.  They work just like our teapot cozies, but are made to fit one cup and are perfect for when sipping out on a deck or patio.  They are for sale in a variety of patterns each with a tassle on the top!

For children, we have child sized tea cups for sale in lovely round gift boxes containing six tea cups and six saucers, as well as numerous children’s tea sets in both tin and porcelain.  Our children’s tea sets come in wicker style baskets, in storage boxes with drawers, and in several other sweet containers.  Patterns include roses, butterflies, dragonflies, pastel florals, and holiday themes.  For very little hands and garden parties, we offer cups in paper and plastic.

Enjoy all of the tea cups, mugs, tea sets, teapots and accessories that we have to offer at Roses and Teacups.  And for gift giving to the ultimate tea cup fanatic, remember that we carry tea cup jewelry and tea cup stationery, teacup puzzles, soaps and candles, little spiced mats to set your hot cup on, and so much more.
August 25, 2017 by Nancy Guenther