What's NEW at Roses and Teacups!

Victorian and Floral Stickers

We have a HUGE collection on Victorian and Old Fashioned Floral Stickers! They make perfect envelope seals and can be added to place cards, invitations, stationery, and signs.


Cute, Cute, and More Cute!

Our Tea Jewelry is now available at a lower price, and we have beautiful NEW items!  Check out the 3 colors of Enameled Tea Cup Necklaces and the 3 styles of Enameled Teapot Necklaces!
March 27, 2023 by Nancy Guenther

Novelty Teapots!

Come and see our NEW collection of Novelty Teapots!  We've got peacocks, elephants, bunnies and more!  They are handcrafted!
March 20, 2023 by Nancy Guenther

Tablecloths Are on the Way!

We are very excited about our Tablecloth department, coming SOON!  Dozens of gorgeous patterns with colors fit for the flower garden!
March 14, 2023 by Nancy Guenther