Broken to Beautiful Angel Benefit Ornament

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Broken to Beautiful is our outreach website, "A Virtual Oasis for Women Ascending out of Abuse." Please be aware that this is not a "G" rated website as it deals with mature themes.

"I received the beautiful Old Country Roses angel late last week, and am preparing it for gift giving now. Thank you for being so accommodating to arrange a special order! It's lovely!" Nadine B. / August, 2009


Our china angel ornaments are each unique, although they always have flowers on their broken china gowns.
Angels are approximately 5 x 3.5 inches.

Plan ahead! Angels are individually handcrafted...please allow 2 weeks for delivery.
A portion of all angel ornament sales goes to our local women's shelter!

This is where our Broken to Beautiful program began ~ with our Angels!

First of all, we LOVE the concept of taking something broken and making it beautiful! We love seeing God do it in people's lives, and we love seeing people do it in creative ways!

Second ~ Nancy is very picky about angel products, and these are wonderful! Beautiful, mysterious, sparkly and unique, these broken china and stained glass angel ornaments will add a wonderful touch to anywhere you hang them!

"Dear Friends, On behalf of the Chicago Abused Women's Coalition (CAWC), thank you for your donation of journals and pens. This donation certainly demonstrates that you share our belief that everyone deserves a life free from violence and abuse...Thank you again for your contribution. Having the donated items which you provided helps those we serve to meet their basic physical needs. They are grateful for your support. "

Anne Borg, Development Director, CAWC

The beautiful Julie! Thanks to your purchases of our angel ornaments and broken china jewelry, we are able to make donations to a local women's shelter.

All of our Broken to Beautiful benefit items are crafted in some way from broken china. A portion of all profits from sales of these items goes to funding our outreach website and to donating items to women's shelters.