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Roses and Teacups, LLC
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Bradford, AR 72020

A general note about contacting Roses and Teacups:

We know that purchasing on the internet takes a lot of trust. You don't get to see us and shake our hands; you are sending off money and simply trusting that your order will arrive.

Well, guess what? We are real people, and your order will arrive. :)

If you are nervous, give us a call, toll free, and just say hi!

Although we do our very best to get right back to you when you call or email, delays and errors most certainly can occur from time to time. (Nancy and Julie never make mistakes, but their evil twins, Fancy and Jolly, occasionally do.)

If there is a problem, it is always better to contact us directly rather than trying to go through Paypal or your credit card company. We can actually handle things much more quickly this way!

Thank you for shopping with us!