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Victorian Heirloom Christening Gowns

The Victorian women would often hand sew elaborate christening gowns while pregnant with their first child. These gowns, always white and with varying modes of delicate elaboration, would be carefully packed away and used again for each subsequent child. Lace, embroidery, tucks and insertions were common.

When purchasing an heirloom christening gown, be aware that cotton and silk (natural fibers) will preserve their beauty far longer than man-made materials.

All Dedication/Christening collections include care instructions and "History of Gown" for future generations.

From a Customer:

"I was so impressed with the way you sent the box; opening it was like finding a wedding dress! I felt so special! The christening went absolutely perfectly! The dress arrived in time thanks to your hard work, and we received so many compliments. Of course she looked like a little princess. The credit goes to your (our seamstress, Nannette!) golden hands! My wish is to see the next generation wear this beautiful dress. Thank you so much for making my dream come true!"

(We did some fancy footwork on shipping to get this order to Europe in time!)