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About Our Petits Fours:

**Full Size Petits Fours are Perishable. Store them refrigerated at 45-47 degrees for up to 90 days or frozen up to a year. Always serve them at room temperature.

Demitasse Petits Fours should be handled like Premium Chocolates: Store at Room Temperature (68-72 degrees) for up to 45 days, Refrigerate for up to 90 days, or Freeze for up to a year. Serve at Room Temperature.

Petits Fours are small cakes which date to the time and court of Marie Antoinette... We could tell you that you'll lose your head over the taste, but that would be tacky! :)

To maintain freshness, your Petits Fours will ship to you via 2-Day shipping with refrigerated packing according to season and location.

Shipments are made on Mon-Wed. You will receive your orders Wed-Fri. See instructions below for maintaining freshness until your event.**  Domestic shipping only; no international shipping of our petit fours.

For urgent shipments we may need to charge overnight or Saturday delivery fees.

Please order several weeks before you event and be sure to fill out the Date of Event Box.

A word about size... Our photos may give the impression that Petits Fours are the size of chocolates; not so. Our regular petits fours give a good 4-5 rich bites (depending on one's manners.) Our demitasse petits fours are about half that size.