Back to School and Time for Sewing Club

For some reason, I associate this time of year with my mother's sewing club.  Maybe they started up each year when the children returned to school.  

My mother's sewing club met from her early married years and is probably still meeting if any members are still alive.

It was a time of chatting and of working on everything from cross stitch to mending, and I'm sure it was also a time for tea and coffee!

Sewing clubs, book clubs, Bible studies and the like can still play a vital role in helping us to maintain a sense of connection to the world.

I meet with a small group of women on a regular basis just to encourage each other in life's challenges.

Consider starting your own little group of friends, neighbors, or colleagues.

In a digital age, face to face is even more important!


Stationery in the Digital Age

Years ago I wrote a blog page about my mother.  It was titled, "Queen of the Handwritten Note," and it got quite a bit of response from those of us of a "certain age."

It does make a difference, and maybe that's why stationery remains a popular item even in a world of emails and texts.

I would like to say that I am a great user of stationery, but alas, my life with a business, a husband and three children seems to zoom by, and I can barely keep up.

However, I keep a little stash of beautiful stationery from our Carol Wilson Note Cards collection, because there are most definitely times when handwritten is the only way to go.

My mother had her own monogrammed note cards, and it was always fun to see the familiar blue envelopes arrive in the mail.

I love that we have customers who order our Personalized Tea Note Cards and Return Address Labels.  I'm sure that their friends and loved ones look forward to the arrival of their blue chintz or purple pansy or pink floral note cards with the personalized, "A Note from...." on the front.

Add a personal touch now and then with something handwritten.  It makes a difference.

July 27, 2015 by Nancy Guenther