Fun with Tea with Over 30 Activities Games Songs Crafts Decorations Tea Book

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Includes more than 30 activities: Original Tea Songs, Word Games, Fun Tea Party Recipes, Tea Themed Crafts, and Party Decorations

This cute little book is great for readers of all ages. It is aimed at children, but–come on!–who wouldn’t want to play with tea puzzles, relax with coloring tea kettles, and learn some new tea songs? For the musically inclined, there is even sheet music to play. I particularly enjoyed this because I play several instruments. Just having catchy lyrics is not enough; I want to hear the rhythm. There are inspirational quotes, places for journaling, drawing prompts, arts and crafts projects, and more. What’s also really fun is that there are cut-outs ready for use. There’s even instructions for making a traditional paper tea lantern, which was nice. The games included can be a bit silly, but they are fun and would make great ice-breakers for older people. The recipes included in this book are easy yet delectable, too. Overall, this” book is a must-have. It’s both extremely fun and extremely practical.

Sofcover 123 pages


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