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Silver Spoon Jewelry

Whether created from actual silver spoons or modeled after the delicate silver patterns of the 1800's, our collection of silver spoon jewelry is second to none!

We source these gorgeous pieces from 3 different groups of artisans, and we think you'll appreciate the quality and beauty of each style.

As you browse our store, you'll find Silver Spoon Rings created from actual silver plate spoon handles.  They are amazing!  We have worked with this artisan for many years, and the quality of his work is extraordinary.

One of our best selling silver spoon jewelry items is our Silver Spoon Bracelets with China Charms set in sterling.  Pieces of broken china are shaped and set in sterling silver.  Silver plate spoon handles are shaped as bracelets, and adorned with sparkles and the china charms.  We love these artisans as they will customize our styles and sparkles just the way we know you'll love!

You can coordinate your silver spoon jewelry with our enormous variety of patterns and pieces from yet another of our hand-crafting band of artisans!  Silver Spoon Rings, Silver Spoon EarringsSilver Spoon Bracelets, Silver Spoon Necklaces and even Silver Spoon Brooches are available in many silver spoon patterns and can be matched for a very fashionable appearance!  Although these items are not created from actual spoons, they are inspired by antique silver patterns and delicately crafted from silver plate metal.

A special mention should be made of our Silver Spoon Watchesas they are absolute conversation pieces!  You can choose from many patterns as well as several shapes of the time piece itself.  The watch face has a lovely mother-of-pearl coating, and the watch size is adjustable from 6 1/4"-7 3/4" .

And don't miss our Silver Spoon Creature Jewelry from the same artisans!  Necklaces and Brooches shaped as everything from Hummingbirds to Octopi!  Such fun to give as gifts!

Our newest Silver Spoon Jewelry line is Sterling and Gold Vermeille Silver Spoon Jewelry.  These delicately feminine pieces can be layered and stacked.  They are very special, and specially priced!

Most of our silver spoon bracelets are adjustable in size so that they can be worn and enjoyed by as many women as possible!  They feature either a split style, an adjustable cuff, or a multiple link closure.


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