We fell in love with silver spoon jewelry in the early days of our store.  It seemed like such a natural marriage:  tea cups and silver spoons!  The fact that all of our silver spoon jewelry is made in the USA is a wonderful bonus.  
You'll find just about every jewelry item possible made either from silver plate spoons themselves or using vintage silver spoon patterns.  Either way, you're wearing a bit of elegance and of days gone by whenever you put on a piece from our silver spoon jewelry collection.
For a bit of whimsy, try one of the silver spoon creature necklaces.  They are so clever!  Sometimes you have to look carefully to see the spoon hiding in a face, a wing or a paw.  The same birds and beasts are available as silver spoon brooches.
Our silver spoon watches will always get you noticed.  They are delicate in appearance, but plenty sturdy and accurate!
We have quite an assortment of silver spoon bracelets.  Some of the most popular are also in our broken china jewelry collection, the bracelets with china charms which are fashioned from actual silver spoons.  Also lovely are the bracelets with freshwater pearls.  They are so feminine!
For Valentine's Day, or any day of declaring love or friendship, our silver spoon heart necklaces are the perfect gift.  And if you just love hearts, you'll want to collect a few, as they are each quite different.
We now carry both dangle and post silver spoon earrings, so you'll be ready for both attention getting and understated moments.
And who can have just one silver spoon ring!  Did you know that spoon rings have been around since at least the 1600's!  Our silver spoon jewelry collection features both rings made from spoons in a variety of sizes, and adjustable rings inspired by spoon patterns of earlier days.  You'll want at least one for each hand, if not more!