Tea sets and little children just go together!  Whether the dolls are having an elegant afternoon or the girls have invited daddy for tea, a tea set of one's own is as special as special can be!  We carry an abundant variety of tea sets for children.  You'll find kids' porcelain tea for two sets in wicker style baskets, baskets with Child's Tin Tea Sets for Four, and Girls' Porcelain Tea Sets in Storage Boxes with Drawers, and Assorted Children's Porcelain Tea Sets of varying sizes.
So many patterns to choose from among our kids' tea sets!  Sweet cats, buzzing bees, fairy castles, ballerinas and of course flowers such as roses and hydrangeas are among the most popular of our girls' tea sets.  If you tea party has a theme, we've probably got a tea set to go with it!
Most of our children's tea sets include teapot, tea cups and saucers, and sugar and creamer set.  Some include flatware, trays and plates.  Please read descriptions carefully.
Tea parties are often a wonderful time to practice good manners and learn about etiquette.  This is true of little boys as well as little girls!  We carry some wonderful Tea Books with tips on tea party etiquette.
  • Tea Party Ideas
  • Have one tea table for dolls and another for their "moms",
  • Set up the kitchen so that the children can make their own little sandwiches and frost their own cakes and cookies.
  • Set up a craft table where children can make their own feathered headbands or hats with stickers, rhinestones, glitter and more!
  • Have Tea Party Dress Ups for everyone to wear.
  • Have a "benefit" tea party for a friend who is sick and make cards or paper flowers
  • Use an Etiquette Book to study manners and good table behavior.
  • Mothers' Aprons make great Victorian Dress Ups!
  • Use our Children's Tin Tea Sets for outdoor tea parties
  • Have an animal tea party with stuffed animal guests and animal crackers
  • Have an early Valentine's Day tea party and set up a station for making valentines to give on Valentine's Day
  • Have a tea tasting party and serve different types of tea