For almost two hundred years, bone china was made exclusively in England.  To this day, bone china is sometimes called, "English Porcelain."  It is now made in many countries, including the United States, China, Japan and India.  We are pleased to offer teapots from a variety of sources to give you more choices in your collection of bone china teaware.
You'll appreciate some of the more distinctive patterns in our bone china teapot collection.  We love the creams and blues that set off the floral patterns with their unusual backgrounds.  You'll also note that some of our teapots have solid color lids to accent the rest of the pattern.  Additionally, our teapot collection offers a number of different shapes.  Some of our teapots are more of a traditional coffee pot  or chocolate pot shape which is taller with a longer spout, but these are perfectly fine for brewing and serving tea.
Does the shape of a teapot matter?  We've done a bit of research on this, and although teapots with "feet" seem to hold their heat a bit longer, whether the shape of teapot affects the taste of the tea in any way is largely debatable.  So whether you choose plump round teapots, swirly mid size or taller, just be sure to enjoy your tea!