About to Hatch Kitchen Egg Timer Baby Shower Favors Set of 6

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How appropriate for the baby shower! For the mom who is about to give birth, this About to Hatch" timer is a clever reminder that works fabulously anywhere. The egg-shaped timer twists at the bottom to count down any time interval from one minute to 60 minutes. Packaged in a clear round gift box, the charming timer is showcased from every side. Guests can’t help but love the charming design details, from the "Grade A" sticker near the top to the two hens guarding an egg that reads "About to Hatch" on the base.

Features and Facts:

  • The egg-shaped timer is packaged in a clear gift box with a "Grade A" sticker at the top and features two hens protecting an egg, which reads "About to Hatch".
  • To set the time, turn past the 15-minute marker, then back to the desired time setting.
  • The box is topped with a sheer white organza ribbon and an adorable matching egg-shaped gift tag reading, "For You!"
  • Measures approximately 3" x 3"

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