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Lady on Blue Cameo Silver Brooch Pin - Only 1 Available!

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We feature cameo earrings, cameo bracelets, and cameo necklaces in many beautiful colors and styles.  We also carry cameo pins and brooches. 

Cameo jewelry has been popular for thousands of years for both women and men. Cameos have been carved on agate, lava, and gems. Shell carving of profiles became most popular in the nineteenth century. Admirers and collectors of cameos include Napoleon, Pope Paul II and Queen Victoria.

Cameo subjects have included flowers, heros, rulers, gods and goddesses, and of course, lovely ladies.

We are delighted to offer you our wide selection of fashion cameo jewelry!

This jewelry is handcrafted in natural brass which is oxidized, relieved and lacquered through a unique formula to seal in the natural finish. Pieces are hand soldered or epoxied where applicable. Earring posts are hypoallergenic surgical steel.

When used, pearlized paints are custom blended. Only genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals are used in our cameo jewelry.

Many items are silver or gold plated.