Gold Songbird Tea Cups and Saucers Set of 4

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We offer a wide selection of Fine Porcelain Tea Cups and Saucers in a wide variety of floral patterns and styles.

There is something so lovely about sipping a drink from a beautiful cup!

Whether it's tea, coffee or something more frothy and fun, beverages in a porcelain or bone china tea cup truly taste different (and better!) than those in paper, plastic or (shudder) styrofoam.

Most people wouldn't dream of serving wine in anything but glass or crystal. Why is that? Wine seems to symbolize relaxation and enjoying a special moment with special people. A beautiful glass or crystal elevates both the beverage and the event.

Let your porcelain tea cups also communicate that you are taking time for yourself and your guests. As society becomes more and more frantic and instant, what a lovely gesture to relax and sip from a beautiful cup.

Enjoy the difference!