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White Open Embroidery Floral Ruffle Apron - Only 1 Available!

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Enjoy our offerings of White Lace Feminine Aprons, Holiday Aprons, Pinafore Aprons, Kitchen Aprons, Victorian Aprons, Ruffled Aprons, Lace Aprons and Embroidered Aprons.....We've got them all!

Aprons have been around for a long time, and they are definitely not just for cooking! Gardening, house cleaning, life with children, and even entertaining are all good reasons for having a few aprons on hand, and because they must always be eventually replaced, aprons make wonderful gifts! At Roses and Teacups, you will find that practical and pretty need not be mutually exclusive!

Whether it's lace, ruffles, or embroidery, you'll find that our aprons have those extra feminine touches so perfect for tea time or hostessing in general.  Our more recent line of retro aprons brings back the homebodiness of earlier times.  You can almost smell the cookies baking!

Women who are in the kitchen a lot make the perfect recipients for the gift of a lovely apron. It's hard to justify purchasing something pretty for ourselves when it's just for covering up the "real" clothes, and somehow we picture it getting immediately splattered with red sauce! But what a nice feeling to be stirring the soup wearing something feminine and pretty!

And be sure to check out our adorable children's aprons as well!