Tall Ribbed Teapot Christmas Wreath w White Flowers Classic Teapot Folk Art Snow People 

Tall Ribbed Teapot               Classic Teapot

Ribbed Teapot Musical Christmas  Square Teapot Ribbon Wreath 

Tall Ribbed Teapot                    Square Teapot

 Victorian Tankard Christmas CandlesCatherine Tea Cup Vintage SantaRound Teapot Snow People

Victorian Tankard                    Catherine Tea Cup             Round Teapot

Christmas Teaware   

Christmas Cardinal Tea SetLaurel Tea Cup PoinsettiaSquare Teapot Christmas Kitten

Porcelain Tea Set                    Laurel Tea Cup            Square Teapot    

Our USA Hand Decorated Teaware is custom made for you when you order.  That means that time must be allowed, so the time to order for the holidays is NOW!  

Choose your items:  Square Teapot, Round Teapot, Classic Teapot, Victorian Tankard, Latte Mug, Laurel Tea Cup, Catherine Tea Cup, Demitasse Cups, Tall Ribbed Teapot

Choose your pattern:  Christmas Candles, Vintage Santa, Christmas Kitten, Christmas Cardinal, Ribbon Wreath, Snow People, Poinsettia, Folk Art Snow People, Musical Christmas, Christmas Wreath w White Flowers

Not all pieces are on the site, so call us with your choices for a quick and easy order! 

866-998-2877  866-99TCUPS

October 31, 2017 by Nancy Guenther

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