Making Tea Party Tea Cup Favors
Making Tea Party Tea Cup Favors
So what are Julie and the girls at Roses And Teacups up this morning? Why making beautiful tea cup favors of course! I bet you did not know that each favor order is made at the time the order is placed to maintain their beauty and freshness. That's right your order is made just for you and your event! Why not make ahead of  time? If we made the favors up ahead of time the cello might not be as clear and crisp and if we place them in their shipping boxes ahead of time then the cello will be too wrinkled.  Making them with each order also allows us to include fresh prepackaged yummy tea and a shiny stunning spoon.
We have a blast making the favors for you in that we do make the pretty bows up ahead of time. So we'll have these big beautiful piles of satin and organza bows in pastel and deep rich colors lying around. The kid in you just wants to play in the pretty ribbons! :) We have enjoyed making the Marguerite Favors this morning pictured above shown in both completed favor form and a unwrapped set.  I love the Marguerite pattern because it has an adorably sweet daisy on the inside of the cup plus I love lavender!  The Marguerite can be purchased on our Discount Teacups page in sets of 6 or in cases of 48 unwrapped along with us making them into favors on our chalked full fabulous Tea Cups Favors page.
I bet you did not know that our favors have attended some pretty important events.  NBC purchased our Baby Boy Teacup Favors for employee baby shower. QVC yes I said QVC purchased our Vintage Rose Teacup favors for their employee appreciation event last year!  We enjoy making these favors for those well known as much as we love to envision our favors at weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and more.
Have a wonderfully blessed day!
From Julie and the girls at Roses And Teacups,
October 06, 2016 by Julie Wilson


Anne Robinson

Anne Robinson said:

I am loving everything thing I purchase from you. The teacup favors are my favorites. I hope you will do more teacups in green and also each holiday too! I love your store so much. I have been treated like a VIP and I love that, CS is rare today much less 100 percent top rated five star CS. Please do not change Joyful Hugs, Anne

Christine Gonzales

Christine Gonzales said:

Thank you for the care you put into our order. I ordered 4 different sets of 4 tea cups and they all arrived in excellent condition. They were for party favors for a 10 year old party. It was so exciting for each girl to pick and choose their own cup and saucer and the moms loved them too. So special and a wonderful finish to a lovely tea party.

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