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Gifts galore! is all about gifting. Customers come to Roses And Teacups for our lovely variety of teacups, favors, stationery and more but one of our favorite reasons customer shop with us is gifting. Our customers love to purchase Birthday Gifts! 

Birthday Cake Hankie Card  - Roses And Teacups    Carol Wilson Stationery Teacup Cake Birthday Greeting Card - Roses And Teacups Kimberly Shaw Blue Willow Birthday Tea Card - Roses And Teacups

One way to make somone feel great on their special day is to send them a card, but not just any card will do. One adorable gift idea for a birthday greeting would be our Hankie Dress Greeting Cards that include an adorable card with a real hankie fashioned into a lovely dress.  Each card comes with a its own envelope for mailing. Another fan favorite is our Carol Wilson Greeting Cards that are die cut, embossed and decorated in just the right amount of glitter for that perfect Happy Birthday wish! Our Kimberly Shaw Teacup Greeting Cards are not only a great way to put a smile on their faces but this lovely card includes tea!  Just imagine your loved one receiving her card and then sitting with her yummy cup of tea reflecting on fond memories.  We love the idea that these cards can be used in more than one way to spark a little happiness. 

Want a gift that is boxed and ready to give? has the perfect gift for that!  Our Gift Boxed Mugs and Gift Boxed Teacups are a customer favorite for the Christmas Holiday along with Bridal Parties, Employee Appreciation, Birthdays and more. Our porcelain gift boxed mugs and teacups are ready to give with a matching box and lid that already has a satin bow for a lovely presentation. Available as well are our Matching Gift Boxed Teapots to complete the set. 

 Gift Boxed Porcelain Mug with Tassel - Tulip - Roses And Teacups  Gift Boxed Tea Cup (Teacup) & Saucer - Lavender - Roses And Teacups

We love hearing how many smiles have been made over the years when R&T gift boxed items are received. That's what gift giving is all about as it's not just giving an item but giving something beautiful in order to give that person a bit of happiness. We have heard from our customers that the gift boxes are so loved and thought to be so pretty that they are kept in bedrooms and bathrooms as decorative storage while the mug or teacup is enjoyed daily. So neat! Julie (Co-owner shown below) loves giving the gift boxed mugs to her children's teachers as a Thank You gift for all of their hard work.

Julie Co-Owner of Roses And Teacups  Carol Wilson Carol's Rose Garden Lilacs and Butterflies Thank You Cards - Roses And Teacups

We love the thought of a child opening her first tea set and all the memories associated with little girls tea parties! So that leads us to our Childrens or Little Girls Teasets in which we have a large of variety of styles and patterns to select from. When we are packing orders up to ship out we can tell a lot of the times by looking at the bill to and ship to address that the package is most likely shipping as a gift.  Just thinking of the smiles and the fun to be had is heart warming and makes our days brighter as we pack order and send them on their way.  Grandmothers having tea with their granddaughters and moms with their daughters making memories that last a lifetime are things to cherish.  We like to imagine little Teddy Bears joining in on the fun of having a tea party. :) Yeah we really do think of the happiness these items bring as we go about our days which is one of the great joys of working at Roses And Teacups.

 Children 18pc Tin Tea Set for 4 Girls - Mint - Roses And Teacups  Childrens Porcelain Tea Set in Rounded Wicker Style Basket - Butterfly - Roses And Teacups  Faith Victorian Teddy Bear - Roses And Teacups

There are so many more items that are given to brighten someone's day that our customers are sending but if we listed them all this post would not fit on the blog! :)  We are proud to be a part of the process to provide those moments in which a person's day has just been made brighter by the kind act of giving.  We just don't pull the items from the shelves and ship but are aware that our items are indeed as our slogan says, "A Pathway To Beautiful Moments."

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August 30, 2017 by Julie Wilson

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