Benefit Tea Parties for Young and Old  Do Some Good while You Sip and Munch!

There are so many wonderful ways to turn a tea party into a chance to make the world a better place!  Be sure to decorate and set your table to match the theme!

Donation tea parties simply request that guests bring food for a food pantry or clothes for a clothing drive.

Shelter Help donation tea parties request that guests bring items for shelters such as toothbrushes, soaps, and combs.  Provide shoe boxes or ask guests to bring what they have available.  Boxes can be decorated with contact paper or artwork and packed with supplies.  Specific items and clothing donations needed can be found HERE!

Cheer up a nursing home tea parties provide art supplies such as markers, paper, envelopes and glitter so that guests can make cheerful cards to give out at a local nursing home.

Help a cause tea parties are another great idea!  Find a cause that you want to assist and ask them what they need.  Maybe it's banners to be made or envelopes to be stuffed.  Set up a work table and get to work before or after you eat.

New mom tea parties are like a baby shower, but are focused more on emotional support and inspiration for the mom to be or new mom.  Did you know that you can get stickers with Bible verses to put on diapers!  Inquire HERE!  Make pages for a booklet with thoughts, sayings, and anecdotes that helped you through those first few wild months of motherhood.

Soldier care package tea parties provide a way to send gift packs to those serving their country in far away places.  Provide a list of what is appreciated and approved and have your guests bring items to pack.  Notes of thanks can also be made to tuck inside!

Soldier blanket tea parties provide a way to decorate and make easy non-sew blankets for soldiers.  Find information on Soldier Blankets here!

Help the Homeless!  Similar to shelter and soldier boxes, shoe boxes of practical gifts for the homeless are a wonderful and creative way to put smiles on faces.  Socks, gloves, band aids, deodorant, gift cards, combs, toothbrushes....  find more ideas HERE!

Help a neighbor(s) by mending tea parties.  Think practical!  Collect clothing that needs mending from a new mom or a sick friend.  Have a mending party!  Can you imagine if someone took that depressing clothing pile from you and returned it with all the mending complete??

We're sure you'll start thinking of many more ideas once you've read ours... will you send them to us for our next blog?  We'd love it!  Spread the love!

September 24, 2017 by Nancy Guenther

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