The Coffee Dream...

This is me.  

This is me without coffee.  

In the last couple of years I've had dreams wayyyyyy too numerous to count where I spend the entire dream trying to get to a Starbucks.

Last night, though, was so, well, wild, that I had to share...

I dreamed that my husband (of 28 years, by the way) was happily, no, gleefully telling me that he was divorcing me.

It was early in the morning (6 am), and after telling me this, he had the nerve to get a little frisky which made me beyond furious.

I got out of bed (now remember, I'm dreaming) and to my horror found that we had house guests, and that we had awakened them with our angry yelling.

I kept trying to tell these people that it was NOT actually morning and that they should go back to bed.

And so began the search for coffee.  As my husband and the house guests were milling around looking for food, I was desperately going through the cupboards in hopes of finding SOME form of coffee.  There was nothing there, and there wasn't even a coffee maker on the counter.

It seems as if this desperate search went on for a long time (you know how dreams are), but finally I was in a car and on the way to Starbucks....  My husband was driving me there.  Maybe it was out of guilt, but at that point, it didn't matter!

So what does this mean?  Do I have a problem?  :)

February 14, 2016 by Nancy Guenther


Lisa  Palmese

Lisa Palmese said:

I think it means you would rather wake up even with a full house to a good cup of coffee than your Husband lol I Think We have all felt like that from time to time. And 28 years Congratulations that is Amazing .. I’m with You I’ll take the Coffee when I first wake up lol Lisa.

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