Oh what a  glorious cool Fall day that we are having here in Arkansas today!  The leaves have not started turning yet but I expect it to be an amazingly colorful Fall.  I purchased the largest pot of Mums that I have ever seen and have them in my wooden wheel barrel for display.   I have went crazy decorating the house in all sorts of Fall decor.  I have my beautiful Pumpkin Teapot displayed in my kitchen waiting on the perfect guest to serve tea. I have my Harvest Bounty Napkins laid out nicely on my kitchen table and my Orange Coca Quilted Placemats and Napkins on my dining table. I love decorating for Fall I think better than any other season.  I enjoy drinking coffee from my Owl Gift Boxed Mug  in the morning and out of my Decorated Pumpkin Teacup and Saucer. in the afternoon. I hope your Fall is full of colorful and warm moments.
October 03, 2015 by Julie Wilson


Lisa Malterud

Lisa Malterud said:

What a gorgeous collection of fall tableware. I would love to be able to get everything lol. Lisa


Tina said:

I love the tea cups you have been posting. The pumpkin teacups are so pretty!

Linda Brooks

Linda Brooks said:

The teacup is precious!

cory fraas

cory fraas said:

My daughter loves teacups

julie boehm

julie boehm said:

Such beautiful items to both decorate with and use! :)

Anita Dahl

Anita Dahl said:

What a cute-tea! Who wouldn’t enjoy spending an afternoon with this lovely set?

Emily Kephart

Emily Kephart said:

i woul love one of your pumpkin items

Marion Sanford

Marion Sanford said:

Such beautiful pieces representing the most beautiful time of year!

Alison L. Sommer

Alison L. Sommer said:

I love your products and have ordered from you a couple of times. Have never been disappointed.

angel bradford

angel bradford said:

I adore each n every item I have seen. But I am a fall baby n am in love with the PUMPKINS ? ❤

Angela Pickens

Angela Pickens said:

Love it!

Jonell Powell

Jonell Powell said:

I have just discovered your site my husband has ordered me the peacock mug , my daughter has ordered me tea for two in peacock and I m on pins and needles await there arrival. This pristine white cup would be great to have in my collection……can’t wait!

lynn williams

lynn williams said:

I’d love to have pumpkin spiced tea in
A pumpkin teacup!

Kris Ohanu

Kris Ohanu said:

What a delightful table you set – love this teacup set too :D

Alexis Colony

Alexis Colony said:

I just found your blog & am very interested! Can’t wait for payday!


Jennifer said:

I love Autumn! Happy Fall, Ya’ll!!

Dawn Sauder

Dawn Sauder said:

I have a small mug collection. I enjoy collecting unique ones.

Dawn Sauder

Dawn Sauder said:

I have a small mug collection. I enjoy collecting unique ones.

Christine Ward

Christine Ward said:

The white pumpkin cup and saucer makes me think that Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland should drink out of it! So unique and pretty!

Christine Ward

Christine Ward said:

The white pumpkin cup and saucer makes me think that Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland should drink out of it! So unique and pretty!

Victoria Sexton

Victoria Sexton said:

What beautiful pieces you have. Love, love, LOVE them!


linda said:

I just Love your Pumpkin tea cup! Your Stuff is amazing!

Diane Dunwell-Hoffman

Diane Dunwell-Hoffman said:

I love to decorate for each season and Holiday. Pottery and tableware are so special to me.

I loved The Walton’s big family table and made sure to have one of my own. Grandkids Will have special memories to share with their kids of my pretty set Holiday tables. I also decorate the chairs.

Anne Marcantonio

Anne Marcantonio said:

The Pumpkin Teaware is incredible!!! I just love love love your many delightful products!!!

Janice Chittenden

Janice Chittenden said:

love this they are so beautiful.Love to have this.

Michele D

Michele D said:

I love decorating for fall!

Carol Baize

Carol Baize said:

Love the Pumpkin theme! Thank You for the chance!

Ann Burchett McRae

Ann Burchett McRae said:

I love the cup and saucer. Kinda puts me in the mood for fall.

Connie Murray

Connie Murray said:

I would love to win this teacup and saucer set, I love collecting teacups, my china cabinet is overflowing but I still have room for more!!!

Edie Smith

Edie Smith said:

Good morning! What a pretty way to start my day, looking at the adorable tea cups and saucers you show. I would love to add one to my tea pot collection!

Debra Laughlin

Debra Laughlin said:

Lovely looking tea cup set.

Kathy M.

Kathy M. said:

Everything is so beautiful! Love all your pumpkin things.

deborah morey

deborah morey said:

Love the pumkinware!

Yoko Debbie Johnson

Yoko Debbie Johnson said:

Fall is my favorite time of the year!
Your teacups and teapots are all so enchanting and lovely.


Alice said:

Love your fall decor and the pumpkin tea pot is fabulous!

Dianne Young

Dianne Young said:

My dearest precious friend Susie and I have always symbolized our now long distance friendship with " When I see you we will catch up on a comfortable cup of Tea "
She has won her battle with Stage 4 lymphoma and now our tea party’s are more precious than Ever. Love your beautiful page.

Barbara F.

Barbara F. said:

Never met a pumpkin, or a tea cup, that I didn’t like! Love this cup, so pretty.


Margaret said:

I’d luv one of these beautiful tea cups. It’s my daughters fave holiday. She has six children, and a great hubby. Her days are filled with all you can imagine, including working as a teacher’s asst p/t at a local school. She deserves a ’lil surprise! Thanks, for a chance to give Regina a special Halloween…TREAT!

Ellen James

Ellen James said:

Fall pumpkin tea cups! What a delight!

Mary Macheak

Mary Macheak said:

I love the way the vine wraps around the handle. Very cute.

Marie Whitaker

Marie Whitaker said:

gorgeous teacup and tea pot!

Linda Pope

Linda Pope said:

I long to share tea in a beautiful cup.

Elizabeth Ruby

Elizabeth Ruby said:

What a lovely Pumpkin Teacup & saucer/dish, I can see my self enjoying my tea out on the porch as my Cocker takes her morning sniff about ~ there even seem a little extra space for a bit of biscuit or fruit for nibbling…. the Pot is gorgeous as well.

Rosemary Yeckley

Rosemary Yeckley said:

This pumpkin tea cup and saucer is absolutely enchanting. Love it….

Mary Register

Mary Register said:

Love the items featured on the Roses And Teacups site. The site is special for me because I was introduced to it by a good friend and am retired from a tea manufacturing company. The pumpkin design items are beautiful!

Kimberly Sneden

Kimberly Sneden said:

Love the things you have on your website.

Lynn Cox

Lynn Cox said:

all this cup needs is tea and a friend!

lou mckendree

lou mckendree said:

a beautiful teacup….I have a passion for teacups and saucers…….love, love love them…..

Karen Bodendorf

Karen Bodendorf said:

Oh how I would love this to start a collection of tea cups and saucers… gorgeous!

Julie @ RosesAndTeacups.com

Julie @ RosesAndTeacups.com said:

linda @ lindaperrotta@aol.com is our winner! Congrats!!! We have sent you an email with details on claiming your prize. Thank you to all that entered RosesAndTeacups.com giveaway.

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