This week at Roses And Teacups in our crafting department we are making our ever so popular teacup favors. In addition to all of our usual beautiful patterns we have created a new Fall Tea Cup Favor    Shhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but my hubby was my photography assistant for capturing our new Fall Favor just right.  You have to understand that this is a 6 foot tall manly man and we would not want to hurt his rep by letting others know he was helping take pics of teacup favors ;) So on to the favors we are making this week.  Thank the Lord for Tanesha who is so talented to be able to make our Baby Girl Teacup Favor Bows.   

We were swimming in them  on Thursday and Friday.  The Girl/Boy Baby Teacup Favor bows are so hard to make! They have two different bows that require some secret twisting that I have not mastered yet.  I'll stick to my specialty of our Tea Bag Favors.  I just made up a set of 12 moments ago for a recent order.  Our favors are used for many events.  At the end of the day on Friday a customer ordered 80 of the Blue Hydrangea Teacup Favors  for her upcoming 50th birthday party. She's very excited saying that a friend of hers had ordered some for her own event, and she knew that she had to have these for her party. :)  So we have all of these lovely Blue Hydrangea Tea Cups labeled, bows made, sitting in cellos awaiting their Demi Spoons  to be applied once the crew gets here this morning. Also this week we sold and will be making up a ton of our Button Magnet Favors  which are used as favors for all sort of events.  I personally have them on my frig and use them to hold my kiddos' works of art.

I hope that you have enjoyed our little crafting department update and that your week is full of many glorious blessings.

September 21, 2015 by Julie Wilson

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