It's been awhile since we were able to offer Victorian Tankards.  They are back with an all new look, and they are absolutely stunning!
These fine porcelain tankards are hand decorated in the USA and include gold edging and elegant embossing.  Curl up with hot chocolate, stylishly sip a latte, or enjoy your steaming Earl Grey in a Victorian Tankard with curves and swirls befitting its name.  The tankards feautred here (left to right) are Pink Rose Spray, Peony, and Summer Rose.


July 23, 2015 by Nancy Guenther


Judy Sullivan

Judy Sullivan said:

Oh, my!! Are the tankards, by any chance, available in a lilacs decoration….? or Yellow Roses as a second choice?? lovely!

Diane Grimmett

Diane Grimmett said:

The tankards are so beautiful! One with Yellow roses would be SO wonderful ???❤️

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