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Tea and Roses Perfume Bottle Nightlight ( Night Light )

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This elegant 7 x 4 bottle features a label reproduced from a vintage postcard circa 1940's. The neck is adorned with ivory and gold lace and hand-dyed ribbon. A teardrop crystal and a gold key add the finishing touch.

Unbelievable! These are gorgeous perfume bottles which plug in to become LIGHTS! They are a charming accent by day, and a romantic light for evening!  The roses and vintage papers are individually cut and applied to the bottle by hand. A polyurethane coating is then applied to seal the beauty!  Our decorative perfume bottle night lights make fabulous, unique gifts! They make beautiful home accents both on and off and are each accented with beads and ribbons.

There are 20 twinkle lights in the bottle, and if one light burns out, the rest of the lights stay on.
The twinkle lights have the UL approved label on the 3 foot cord.
The life of the bulbs is very long, appr. 15,000 hours.


Embellishments may vary according to availability.

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