You'll love the assortment of shapes and sizes as well as the royal garden of floral choices for our tea pots.  We have small and medium round teapots, larger Victorian style teapots, square teapots large enough for a party, and a large variety of novelty teapots in all shapes and sizes.  You'll also appreciate the price options from discount teapots to fine bone china.  You're sure to find a teapot in your budget.  You'll find the perfect teapots to give as gifts as well as tea pots to keep for your own collection.  And speaking of collections, here are a couple of fun facts:
A man in the UK had a collection of 1500 teapots and didn't like tea!
The largest collection of novelty teapots numbers 6000!
Are you curious about the difference between porcelain and bone china teapots?  Both are made from keolin clay which is fired in a kiln.  Bone china has the addition of bone ash which makes it stronger and gives it a translucent appearance.  It also allows for thinner products which have a "finer" look.
Our English bone china teapots as well as additional bone china teapots are fine examples of this.  We carry a lovely selection of floral tea pot patterns from several renowned  English teapot manufacturers.


"The Little Teapot"
Let your teapot sing
Fill it with spring
Let it flow
To friends you don’t know
Let it tip
To offer a sip
Of kindness and care
When sadness is there
Let it pour
When happiness soars
Create time at last
In a world so fast
‘Tis a precious thing
Let your teapot sing!
(c) 2017 Roses and Teacups, LLC