You'll notice that all of our tea cups have handles.  This is the European versus the Asian fashion.  European tea cups were originally without handles and came to Europe from Japan and China.  Handles began to be fashionable in Europe in the early 1800's.
Our porcelain tea cups tend to be the normal 5-7 oz size.  Occasionally we are able to offer small demi tasse cups or larger morning tea cups which hold about 8 oz.  If not noted in the description, you can assume the tea cup is 5-7 oz.
Many of our new Bulk Discount Porcelain Tea Cups come gift boxed in sets of four or six.


"The Tea Cup Is Beyond"
The tea cup is beyond
My wildest hope
It fills and empties
And does not take for itself
Like a needless friend
Who is only there when you call
And leaves at the perfect time
A feast for eye and taste and heart and hand
A perfect October day
In my cupboard
 (c) Roses and Teacups 2017