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Welcome Baby Hankie Bonnet Gift Card

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Welcome Baby Hankie Bonnet Gift Card is an adorable way to welcome baby with both a greeting and keepsake gift.  Card is printed and hankie hand sewn in the USA. Bonnet has made from a beautiful hankie with lovely ribbons and cutely fashion into a gift to be treasured for many years to come.

Inside card text reads: 

A Tiny Square of Linen and a Dainty

Edge of Lace, Designed into a Bonnet

To Frame Your Baby’s Face.


After Baby’s Worn it, Fold and Tuck

Away… and it Becomes a Hankie for Your

Daughter’s Wedding Day,

Or if the Baby is a Boy, on the Day

He Marries this can be the “Something Old” for His Joyful Bride to Be.


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