Wings of Grace Teapot

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Our porcelain teapots come in a fabulous variety of styles and patterns.  We offer several sizes from small round personal teapots to large teapots for the buffet table.  You're sure to find just the right teapot to suit your needs.

You'll love our unique Victorian style teapots both footed and scrolled for absolute elegance, and our tall ribbed and classic teapots for larger occasions.  Choose from 30 patterns on your porcelain tea pots such as tulips, roses, wisteria, and iris.

Be sure to check out our holiday porcelain tea pots as well!  We've got adorable Christmas Kittens and traditional Christmas Candles as well as Vintage Santa, Musical Christmas, Wreaths and more.

Most of these tea pots are hand decorated in the USA.  Because they are custom decorated for you at the time you order, please allow 2 weeks for processing.

Most of our floral teapots have matching tea cups (teacups).  Some also have matching cream and sugar sets.  If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask us!
You'll notice that most of our teapots are made to brew more than one cup of tea.  This is the more Western fashion, whereas smaller, single brew teapots in general are more of an Eastern phenomenon.  The teapot itself is believed to have been invented in China in the late 1200's early 1300's.
You'll also notice that our beautiful floral teapots are glazed porcelain or bone china vs an unglazed ceramic.  This assures that the teapot can be thoroughly cleaned so that the flavor of the tea does not soak into the teapot.
For information on brewing tea, check out or Tea Info page!
If you want to keep your tea piping hot, check out our collection of Tea Cozies which cover or wrap the tea pot with insulated fabric.
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