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Pink Crystal Lotti Dottie Interchangeable Filigree Earrings - Only 1 Available!

$ 24.99 $ 21.99

SKU: 7329
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Lotti Dottie Interchangalbe Magnetic Earrings! Give a gift that can be added to over and over! Treat yourself to new jewelry again and again at a low low price by purchasing new lotti dotties one at a time! Lotti Dotties jewelry pieces make wonderful gifts! You can add to your gift by adding more dotties on each gift-giving occasion! Great for teens, too! Pop out the interchangeable stones with your Lotti Dotties Tool (sold separately) and pop in new ones for a brand new look! Make your own jewelry in seconds! Simply change the "Dotties": Round magnetic inserts inlaid with colorful glass, rhinestone crystals, decorative metal and other materials. Change your look as often as you like; the options are endless!

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