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Holiday Christmas Cardinal and Holly Berry Porcelain Teacups and Saucers Set of 6 Tea Cups and 6 Saucers Cheap Price Elegant Look!

$ 42.99 $ 39.99

SKU: 09252010
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Set of 6 Holiday Christmas Cardinal Poinsettia and Holly Berry Porcelain Teacups and Saucers cheap priced perfect for events, parties and gifts Amazing holiday themed teacups and saucers with beautiful red cardinals and holly berries. Notice the delicate scalloped design on both teacup and saucer. Cheap price but elegant look 6 tea cups and 6 saucers. Inexpensive teacups with a classy expensive look at a cheap price. Full size teacups hold approximately 6 ounces are dishwasher safe and FDA approved.


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